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Bespoke & Semi-bespoke

Enveloping and Top Cover

Enveloping & Top Cover

Give your insole/shell the 'bespoke' look...

We will envelope the shell completely in Black Microfibre or Black 1mm EVA and finish with a well-crafted Top Cover from the MAG Orthotics range. This will give a professional looking device within days, at a cost to suit most pockets!

Bespoke Insoles

Bespoke Insoles

Our technicians have many years experience in the manufacture of 'Bespoke' & 'Semi-Bespoke' Total Contact Insoles.

  • From either impression box or cast
  • We can manufacture in the traditional handcrafted or CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Design) ways to suit your preference.
  • Choose from a range of materials including EVA, Polyurethane, Polypropylene, etc.
  • We can also manufacture Simple Insoles using leather board, poron, etc. with added components including valgus, horseshoe, cobra & met pads, etc.
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Shoe Adaptations and Repairs

Shoe Adaptations & Repairs

Our shoe technicians all have many years experience adapting patients footwear including raises, sockets, wedges, floats and T-straps.

Repairs and refurbishment to footwear (sole & heel, etc) and other medical devices (helmets, collars, AFO's, spinal jackets, etc) are also our speciality.

Ankle-Foot Orthoses

Ankle-Foot Orthoses (AFO’s)

Our AFO technicians are craftsmen in this specialised field. These custom made external braces are manufactured from materials such as polypropylene, homopolymer, etc.

AFO's are intended to control the position and kinetics of the ankle, correct abnormalities or compensate for infirmity. Transfers may be applied to make the AFO aesthetically pleasing.